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Ways to encourage kids to save energy

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Ways to encourage kids to save energy

Many consumers practice energy saving in different ways at home. As it not only reduces energy consumption, but it also lowers the cost of the electricity bill. Different ways of energy saving work but, it has a huge impact if all family members are involved in doing it.

Kids consume more energy if parents do not educate them properly about it. They usually forget to switch off the television, bedroom light, and heater when not in use. And these are a simple mistake which increases energy usage.

It’s important that kids of all ages are aware of the essence of energy saving. Below are some ways on how to make them part of it:



Kids must understand first what is electricity for them to appreciate energy saving. Discuss and explain it to them in a way they easily understand. Many websites such as physics4kids.com and YouTube videos explain electricity in a fun and knowledgeable way. Books and eBooks may help too.



Most kids use electronic gadgets these days during their play time. Unfortunately, it adds to power consumption since gadgets need to be charged. So instead, why not go out for camping and swimming? Schedule nature walks treasure hunt or goes to the beach. Let them feel the enjoyment of outdoor activities. These will help in saving energy at home, lessen the health risk of radiation emits by gadgets, and it improves the relationship with kids.



Like adults, kids love challenges too. Plan and create a challenge for the whole family about energy saving. For example, switch off everything and do not use electricity for a few hours a day. This can be fun and exciting for kids. It is a good time as well to do indoor activities with a family like board games.



Plants naturally help the environment to fight climate change, even a small one. A garden is a good idea to teach kids to become more responsible for nature. Educate them about how it helps the environment and its importance. Grow food together by planting herbs and vegetables. Kids appreciate planting when harvesting comes.



Most parents prefer to get kids from point A to point B. But taking public transportation to save some fuels is not a bad idea. Take a walk or ride kids with the bicycle when going to school or playground especially if it’s nearby. Consider public transportation too at least thrice every week. Save money by conserving fuel and energy


All kids are motivated by rewards. Either McDonald’s meal, candies or toys surely work to encourage them to save energy. Designate different energy saving tasks then create a reward for each. It encourages kids to finish energy-saving tasks on time.



It is the simplest way to encourage kids to save energy. If they see their parents switching the lights off when not in use and unplugging devices at the end of the day will also encourage them to do the same.


Save energy and make it a habit. Not just adults but also kids can make a little difference. Involve them and enjoy lesser electricity bills.


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