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Tips to get the best energy deals

Tips to get the best energy deals

Australians spend portions of their income on utility bills such as electricity. That’s why many consumers find ways to reduce their expensive bills. One perfect way is to know some tips to get the best energy deals in your area.

It’s an easy task for an energy expert to identify which retailer stands out among the others. But sometimes, this kind of task brings a headache to a normal consumer. Here are tips to help you skip the headaches.

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Research On How To Get Energy Discounts

Most of the time, energy discount comes with conditional discounts. It means a consumer gets an energy discount if he does qualify in a specific condition. Here are some examples of conditional discounts.

  • Paying bills on time
  • Giving bills in full
  • Payment through direct debit
  • Taking bills via email
  • Receiving discounts for signing up online

Some providers offer guaranteed discounts without condition. However, conditional discounts are more common these days. Do the research and read more about discount details, then shop around. It helps a consumer to win the best energy deals.


Consider Discounts Benefit Period

Energy discounts are used either to keep the consumers or attract a new one. A benefit period pertains to how long the discount will apply after a customer enters the contract. The benefit period, usually last for 12 to 24 months. And it’s uncommon to see plans with 2 to 3 years benefit period.

Current electricity retailers should advise their consumers when the benefit period is about to end. This is to avoid consumer paying more than the usual. Also, it is a good time to shop around when the benefit period is almost finished. It makes consumers aware of the current and best energy deals.

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Challenge The Current Supplier

Staying long with a provider probably means a consumer is satisfied with the service. However, it doesn’t mean if a consumer stays loyal, he has the best energy deals. Sometimes, loyal ones are paying more compared to switchers because they do not usually check the energy market.

So, before deciding to try other retailers, contact the current supplier. Ask how much is the biggest discounts and cheapest rates they can offer. Challenge them, and if they can’t beat other retailers offer maybe it’s time to look for options.


Check Providers Which Offer Huge Discounts

Electricity providers offer discounts to consumers to make them loyal. However, discounts differ from one state to another. Most Victorians get the largest discounts between 30% to 45%. Customers live in NSW usually receive 20% to 30%. Lastly, with smaller discounts around 10% to 25% for consumers live in QLD and SA.

It’s important to know which providers offer the biggest discounts around the state. It helps consumers reduce energy bills and save some money. Here are retailers currently offering huge discounts per state. Visit their website for more specific details.


§  Alinta Energy

§  Click Energy

§  Energy Australia

§  Simply Energy

New South Wales

§  Click Energy

§  Power direct

§  Alinta Energy

§  Energy Australia



§  Globird Energy

§  Alinta Energy

§  1st Energy

§  Simply Energy


South Australia

§  Dodo Power & Gas

§  Alinta Energy

§  Click Energy

§  Energy Australia

Compare Providers And Switch Using Econnex

Do not forget to compare retailers to check which offers the best energy deals. Look for a comparison tool which shows results from best to least. It makes all consumers compare plans an easier way.


Review plans and choose which suits your energy needs. Visit Econnex, switch on the spot and enjoy best energy deals.

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