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Proper Lighting at Workplaces

Proper Lighting at Workplaces

Proper Lighting at workplaces

In businesses, the workforce is one of the essential keys to success. Paying attention to their comfort, safety and health condition is a priority. However, it’s not easy to keep an eye on everyone. Most of the times, employers miss small factors such as poor lighting. This affects the worker’s health and performance.


Poor lighting is when lighting levels are low, too high or shadowy. This can lead to different problems such as follows.



Eye strain caused by poor lighting leads to other serious eye problems. People with eye strain suffer from irritated, red and dry eyes. They also experience sensitivity to contrast, reduced vision sharpness, lack of visual focus, bad depth perception, and double vision. Eye strain also results in fatigue and stress, if not cured immediately.

Reduce interior lighting, minimize glare, adjust the screen brightness, and use eyedrops to help reduce eye strain.



One of the common effects of poor lighting is a severe migraine. Not just health but, also the performance of workers suffer. They work best if without pain and discomfort. Based on the National Headache Foundation, wearing glasses indoors with a tint lessens migraines per month by 74%.



Difficulty to see items because of poor lighting can result in neck, back, and shoulder pain. And worse may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome and abnormal posturing. Make sure there is enough and suitable lighting in your area. Do simple stretching to help ease the pain.



Poor lighting makes workers feel sleepy, inactive and tired. The quality, amount, and accuracy of work may suffer because of bad lighting.  Invest and provide for better lighting. This helps improve the business’s productivity and high quality of work.



Sometimes reading and reviewing small labels and procedures is needed at work. These tasks may not be performed well if there is no proper lighting.  It further compromises the quality of work. Proper lighting reduces work mistakes and errors. Make sure that there’s enough light whenever workers read or review something especially regarding operational procedures. Consider putting a table light lamp on all desks.



Lighting has an impact on moving around the work area. Accidents such as slipping or falling can be avoided if there is adequate lighting. It’s recommended that areas such as stairways, hallways, car parks, and toilets should have enough lighting. Proper lighting on these key areas makes the workplace a lot safer for everyone. All accidents inside the working area are the responsibility of the business owner. Avoid medical expenses and danger in the workplace through proper lighting.


Make your workplace healthier and safer by having enough lighting at work. Improve your lighting now.

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Proper lighting saves energy costs, to further reduce your energy costs visit here.

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