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Office equipment that costs you more

Office equipment that costs you more

Most businesses today use computers, printers, heaters, and other tools which need electricity to operate.  Many of you are not aware that some of these devices use a large amount of energy. As a result, based on EnergyStar rating on average businesses waste 30% of the power they consume.

If you’re not yet doing anything to save energy at the workplace, it is a good start to know which office equipment consumes more energy.


Did you know that…


Watts used per hour

Office Equipment



Space Heater

1,320 watts 0.6 watts


332 watts

2 watts

Desktop Computer

69 watts 2 watts
Laptop 30 watts

1 watt


13 watts

4 watts


Wireless router

Mobile phone charger

10 watts

4 watts

4 watts

2 watts

2 watts

0.1 watts

Quick Tip: Watt is a unit of power that is generated or consumed.

What can you do?

Switching off devices when not in use is a very common technique to save energy. Now that you’re aware which equipment consumes more, these are the other things to implement to lessen your bills.

Space Heater
  • Purchase heaters with timers. Also, clean and change filters regularly.
  • Make sure to use a right-sized space heater. Remember the bigger it is, the more energy it consumes and vice versa.
  • Dress adequately. Wear thick, long and layered clothes during winter. In summer, use cotton and more comfortable clothes. It lessens your need for temperature control.


  • Consider coffeemaker that can be programmed to turn off completely, it surely reduces energy consumption.
  • Use hot or warm water for cleaning your brewed maker, it keeps the device heating efficiently and prevents bacterial growth too.
Desktop Computer
  • Use LED monitors as they are energy efficient. Monitors that are larger, with more colors and higher resolution use more electricity.
  • Turn off the monitor instead of using a screensaver.
  • Do not leave your PCs on an entire night. Switch them off and unplug them at the end of the day this will surely save you some bucks.
  • Use battery saving mode by closing unnecessary programs, activate airplane mode and reduce brightness.
  • Use a charger only when charging a laptop. Do not forget to unplug the charger after use, as it also consumes standby power.
  • Purchase printers with an automatic “power down” feature. It lessens electricity use by over 65%.
  • Consider sharing of hardware like printers, scanners or routers as these devices also consume electricity.

Finally, if you are still paying a lot, it’s a better idea to review your energy plans as you might being charge with expensive rates.

Don’t waste time and money. Check the best energy deal in your area today through Econnex.

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