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Moving House

Moving House

Moving House

Moving house is considered more stressful than a relationship divorce or even a new job. One of the biggest hassles is the connection to utilities. Whether you’re a newcomer to Australia or moving to another part of the town, it’s important to have the utilities connected from the day you move into your new home!


In Australia, most properties have existing wires and pipe outlet connections to utilities. This includes:

  • gas
  • electricity
  • phone line
  • water

Here’s how to set them up-

Who pays for the utilities?

Renting or Student Accommodation:  Home utility bills (water, gas, and electricity) might be incorporated into your rent or might be charged separately by your landlord.


What options are available?
  1. Look for household utility providers by yourself.

Some require an account set-up before it works. When moving into a rental property you will need to contact suppliers and arrange for the utilities to be connected under your name in the final few days before you move in.  Here are some service providers:

  1. Contact a specialist to do the leg work

if you are a homeowner or renting a space it is important to shop around for options Type a message. They will provide the best plan options and discounts.


Details required:

  • New Address
  • Date
  • Personal Details ( Contact Number and Valid ID)
Talk to a specialist

A specialist can guide you in making an informed decision, Take time to research, compare rates and plans and search for the right option from available providers in your area. We can help you out to find the best option! Click here.

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