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Moving House: How Much Does It Cost?

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Moving House: How Much Does It Cost?

Moving House: How Much Does It Cost?

Searching for a new house can be exciting, but actually moving houses is not. It is one of the busiest and most stressful jobs of a person’s life.  It can be VERY expensive too even if you’re moving alone.

Based on ING’s Cost of Moving Home Report of 2018, of 600 survey participants, 44% hired a removalist to move their stuff and spent an average of $2,009. Those who did the moving themselves spent an average of $782.

Although self-move is cheaper than with a removalist, there are lots of costs you need to consider to make sure it will not exceed your budget.


Looking at specific costs


  • Cleaning your old property

Most of the lease agreements include that the house should be totally neat before moving. You can’t receive a bond back until the rental property has been cleaned and passed the Property Manager’s inspection. You can hire professional cleaners to do the job for you. Depending on the company you choose, this can cost around $150 to $300.


  • Removalist Costs

Removalists may be the biggest expense in moving house. If you’re on a budget, consider pack and unpack yourself. Asking for help from family and friends can be a great discount on your expenses too. Only hire a removalist to do the heavy lifting and removal van to speed up the process.

It costs around $200-$700 depends on your state.


  • Costs of moving utility services

Do not forget to arrange your utility services such as phone, internet, water, gas, and electricity before you move into your new home. Make a call to your utility providers two weeks ahead of your moving to set up utility connection the day before or the day of your transfer. You may ask your provider as well about the costs of transferring utilities to include it on your expenses.


  • Other costs(Estimated)

– Pet care ($20 – $60)

– Child care ($103 – $253)

– Public transport ($60 – $1,650)

– Car fuel after purchase ($600 – $1,040)

– Hotel accommodation ($360 – $600)

– Rubbish removal ($79 – $99)


Moving house is truly expensive so it’s better to SAVE as much as you can. Reducing utility bills is one way to save some, especially with gas and electricity.


To lessen your hassle, Econnex can help set up your gas and electricity services in your new home. You can also consider energy plan options for you to save more!


Check energy rates here…Econnex.

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