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We compare gas and electricity suppliers to help you find the cheapest energy prices, switch to a better deal and cut the cost of your bills!
Review Your Plan All you need to do is give us your postcode or address, approximate electricity and/or gas usage for a given period, and your connection date.
You can also determine what type of tariff you want – single rate, time-of-use rates or controlled load rates. For more on tariffs, click here.
This is dependent on your location.
Compare Once we’ve gathered your information, we’ll show you all the best available plans in your area. Remember to look at:
  • Tariffs
  • Billing periods – monthly, quarterly, or bi-monthly?
  • Fees and charges
  • Pay on time discounts or benefits
  • Standard or market contracts
Make sure you look at the whole plan before making your mind up.
Switch On The Spot Once you’ve chosen a new plan, we’ll begin the transfer process. There’s no callback required – we take care of everything for you.
Are you moving house? Use Econnex to ready your new house with gas or electricity by selecting your move in date. It’s a no fuss system that’s engineered to save you money on your energy bills.
Econnex makes comparing energy retailers simple, safe, and speedy. Best of all, it’s FREE to use.
About Mobile Realty
MobileRealty.com.au was formed, so as a group, experienced Real Estate Agents could work under one common banner as a team.
Yet still have the freedom to work as a mobile agent from their car or home, totally unrestricted by the bounds and high running costs of a traditional office.

Plus they would have the ability to keep almost all of the commission, negotiate a "Fair Value" rate and therefore be able to pass on these savings to their sellers. (I guess you could say, a form of Uber for Real Estate Agents)

Agents with years of experience are no longer happy with the old traditional run office commission split. However, the traditional office running costs, (rent, internet access, website membership fees etc), far out way the advantages of working for themselves.

That's where MobileRealty.com.au is able to help. Our Agents now have access to all the absolute latest in the forefront of technology in website portals and real estate 'back-end' systems, so they can run their own business as a mobile team or as an individual and provide Sellers with the "best of the best" in systems and technology to sell their property's for more in a shorter time. Plus they receive all the traditional benefits of an experienced Agent at a lower rate and Agents get to keep a bigger slice of the pie than they normally would! ... It's a win-win for all.
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