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Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Kitchen Appliances

Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Kitchen Appliances

When buying a new appliance, careful selection can save money and reduce environmental impact without compromising lifestyle. Here are some appliance shopping mistakes to avoid.


Not measuring your space.

Appliances always have a way of looking smaller on the showroom floor. You need to know exactly how much room you have to accommodate a new appliance and how much space it needs for the door to actually open. You can also bring a tape measure, measure appliance and then go home and do the same for the space you have before placing an order. Take exact measurements from all directions of the unit where it will be placed including door frames, hallways or staircases or any obstacles it will go through.


Not doing your research.

It’s important to at least have a general idea of what you want.  A good price doesn’t always equal a good deal. Start digging into product reviews and buying guides thru the internet. You can also visit different showrooms to compare features and prices.


Not keeping an open mind.

Don’t just stick with what type you’ve grown- up with. Keep an open mind to innovations as there are so many great advancements that might suit your lifestyle, habit and will make your chores easier.


Being too trendy.

Cool features are just totally cool especially when they’re new but, be practical. Don’t buy an appliance with a feature that you don’t necessarily need. Remember, the latest models come at a higher price.


Unclear budget.

Figure out how much you’re willing to spend in total to avoid overspending on a single appliance and have nothing left for the others.


Just make sure you get what you need and what you can handle! Once you have your new appliance, consider switching to a better, lower- cost plan with another energy provider. See how much you can save with Econnex.

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