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Know more about Energy Connection and Disconnection fees

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Know more about Energy Connection and Disconnection fees

Know more about Energy Connection and Disconnection fees

When moving to a new place with an existing energy connection, you need to organize the Connection and disconnection of your old property and the reconnection or connection of the new property. This avoids having to pay for two power bills plus other services.


Call or check the website of your preferred energy provider to inquire about an existing connection at the new property at least three business days before moving. Reconnection will be organized through the local distributor if there is no power, You don’t have to be home for the connection to take place unless you’re in Queensland.

For rental properties, this still has an active connection under the name of either the landlord or the real estate agency, Arrange to have your services disconnected at your old address, before moving into your new place.


Urgent Connections

Organizing a connection with your retailer may take up to three business days. However, for urgent connections, you have to call your retailer and expect additional fees.



Once you’re connected to the grid, there’s a fixed network service charge at around $1 a day whether you use it or not. That’s why it’s important to disconnect the power once you no longer need one to avoid additional costs. “Contact your current provider a minimum of three business days before you move out to organize the disconnection at the current address. If the property is to be demolished, put in a request for a ‘supply abolishment” This costs from $300 upward.


Connection and Disconnection Fees

The energy infrastructures are managed by the distributor and your retailer takes care of your billing and account services? Retailers only collect connection and disconnection fees on behalf of the distributor.

The price for connections are by distributors and not your energy provider Rates vary on your location and your distributor. The cost of securing an electricity connection might range between $10 to $93 and gas between $7 to $53.

Below guide gives details about connection and disconnection fees across Australia.


Electricity Connection And Disconnection Fees
State Distribution Network Connection/ Disconnection Fee
NSW Ausgrid $11.61
Endeavour $40.02
Essential Energy $93.19
QLD Energex $10.98
Ergon Energy N/A
ACT Evo Energy $76.48
SA SA Power Networks $40.48
VIC Citipower $39.51
Powercor $58.30
Ausnet Services $20.86
Jemena $40.08
United Energy $51.55
WA Western Power $31.10


Natural Gas Connection & Disconnection Fees
State Distribution Network Connection/ Disconnection Fee
NSW Jemena $16.28
Australian Gas Networks Albury $13.53
Australian Gas Networks Albury Valley $13.55
Australian Gas Networks $53.67
Central Ranges Tamworth $49.72
QLD Australian Gas Networks $11.00
APT Allgas $23.43
SA Australian Gas Networks $11.44
ACT EvoEnergy $17.82
VIC Multinet $7.19
Australian Gas Networks (Metro) $9.90
Australian Gas Networks (Non-Metro) $13.53
Australian Gas Networks Mildura $11.44
Ausnet Services $9.96
WA Atco Gas Australia $20.16


New Property Connection

A connection’ for the new property is the cables physically connected from the power lines in the street to your property. Modern but connections are usually done via an underground cable. Your local distributor is responsible for basic connection with no upfront fees. Fees are included on your power bill under network charge component. If you are in NSW, you need to contact an accredited service provider (not distributors) to set up your connection. You have to pay upfront fees which depends on the complexity of the work. Prices and connection policies vary across distributors. Check with them before planning a new connection.

Special Connection

Connections with additional requirements may be charged with additional fees depending on the location and type of service. Expect extra costs too if additional power poles need to be installed in order to reach your property. For an augmentation, additional power lines are required to reinforce the existing infrastructure where costs are through shared network charges. The extension services are on a quoted basis. If you pay extension for your property and later on other properties join the extension, you may enjoy pioneer rebate on their energy bills.

Energy connection and disconnection is no easy task. With all the hassles you might simply want to go ‘off-grid’ especially when options to choose like solar panels and storage batteries are available. These alternatives are not so really the Best effective solutions, you just need to know better.


Here’s what Econnex can help you with.

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