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How to make your home more sustainable?

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How to make your home more sustainable?

Sustainable housing helps to reduce the consumption of natural resources and energy. It includes less waste, better reliability, lower maintenance, less impact on ecological balance and more re-use. As you conserve natural resources and energy and fewer waste streams, you can improve water and air quality. It also helps in protecting and preserving our nature.

Some people start making their home more sustainable during the construction of their house, others prefer when it is already constructed. Well, regardless of what you prefer, there is no reason for you not to make your home more sustainable as there are many easy ways to do it.


  1. Select non-toxic materials for constructing the house

The chemical of paints might affect your and your family’s health and it can lead to air pollution as well. Use paints that are plant and water-based than using the traditional ones which are full of volatile organic compounds.


  1. Insulation of wall and the floor and having a ceiling board

Insulating of floors, ceilings, and walls can reduce heat transfer and save up to 45% on home temperature regulation. It will reduce your energy consumption and make your house more comfortable as it maintains temperature inside even in winter or summer season. You can search for some options on how to insulate your home or hire a professional to do it for you. ex. Install double-glazed windows


  1. Long-term maintenance

If you want to stay at your home for a longer period it’s a good idea to invest with costly than cheaper materials for better quality. The materials should be vigorous, durable, can be recycled easily and has a significant impact on energy efficiency.  The design of the house also should be flexible in any extension or renovation in case you have plans for the future.


  1. Make use of the sun

Australia is blessed with a lot of sunlight so, why not make the most of it? Use solar energy on heating or cooling system. During the daytime, open your blinds and make use of natural light. Natural light can also make space feel more comfortable without consuming energy.


  1. Switch bulbs and add sensors

Even on a small budget, your existing home can be more sustainable by switching to LED light bulbs and add motion sensors to conserve electricity. 12-watt LED light bulbs can save 80% of your energy consumption compared to a standard 60-watt bulb. In addition to this, a LED bulb is also last 25 times longer than a standard bulb.


  1. Proper ventilation

Proper ventilation can decrease the reliability of the air conditioner as the air directly flow to the house. Open the right windows, doors, and vents could create the right path of air to keep you cool without consuming energy.


  1. Choose appliances that have more energy efficient

Initially, this is a bit costly but has long-term sustainability. More energy efficient appliances consume less energy compared to regular electrical appliances. Switching to energy-saving certified devices is highly desirable for a sustainable house.


  1. Reduce water wastage

Low-flush toilets are more sustainable as it uses about 4.5 liters only or less per flush compared to traditional flush toilets which use 6 liters of water per flush. You can also build water tanks to collect rainwater which you can use for bathrooms, laundry or garden. It can significantly help in conserving water.


  1. Shade Externally

Man-made external shading options such as trees and awnings do not require substantial budgets. It can block 90% of the sun’s heat. It keeps the house cooler and nicer and it can reduce air and sound pollution too. 


  1. Usage of renewable electricity sources

Choosing an energy company that generates sources that are renewable is also recommended. It’s also advisable to do rates comparison once in every month to make sure that your energy retailer is not charging you very high rates. These will both benefit our environment and your pocket.


Imagine a life that needs to rely much on local utilities while you enjoy fewer bills, more, health comfort and overall better quality of life by making your home more sustainable.


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