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How to Conserve Energy OUTDOORS?

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How to Conserve Energy OUTDOORS?

Many of you are excellent at conserving power “inside” your home, as there are countless opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of life indoors. On the other hand, outdoor activity is an essential part of our way of life. So, why not conserve energy outside and not just inside your home? Pools, spas, exterior lights, landscaping can boost power consumption too. If you’re looking to save money on your gas and electricity bills, take a peek with this handy hint that you can do to save energy with your outdoors.


Swimming pools and spas
  • Run your pump efficiently by using a timer to turn the filter and pump on and off. Run your pump on the lowest recommended speed to maintain pool hygiene. It will help you save on filters and on general maintenance too.
  • Using solar energy on heating your pools is cheaper to run than using gas or electricity. Do not heat your pool if it’s unnecessary and make sure that you do not overheat it as well. Some use a digital controller to assure the pool stays at a consistent and desired temperature.


Barbecues (BBQs)
  • Buy the right amount, type and size of food, are factors to be considered so you’re not heating a large cooking space.
  • Keeping the hood down while grilling your meat and veggies at the correct temperature and right amount of time can reduce energy consumption.
  • Use gas instead of charcoal to operate your BBQs, as Gas Griller emits nearly three times fewer greenhouse gases compared to using charcoal.


Lawns and landscaping
  • Use a manual mower to mow grass in your garden as old gas-powered lawnmower produces much pollution as 40 new cars while running. By using a push lawn mower, you will help to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emission. It may serve as your morning exercise too, which can benefit your health.
  • Using hand tools is more energy efficient over equipment powered and operated by electricity or gas. Replace weed whackers with clippers, leaf blowers with rakes can save you some pennies on your energy bills.


Outdoor lighting
  • Using energy efficient lamps inside your home can conserve energy consumption, this strategy is applicable too for your outdoor lighting. Use flood lamps that are using compact fluorescent as they are designed for outdoor use and can stand bad weather. Use energy efficient lights as much as possible in your pathway, garden, balcony and front gates.
  • Use Photocells to turn off the outdoor light during daytime and motion sensor to turn it on when movement is detected. Control options can help you save some money on your energy bills. It can use for security purposes as well.



Plant Trees

Planting a shade tree can definitely improve the temperature. It reduces the energy needed to cool the place by blocking the sunlight from entering. It gives fresh and cold air, which is good for your comfort. Planting helps the community to “Go Green” as well.


Save some fuels

Walking and riding a bicycle as an alternative mode of transportation is better for your health and good for our environment. Instead of burning fuel to make a short drive for the sake of “convenience”.


Switch your energy plan

In terms of energy savings, your energy plan charges and rates have a huge impact on what you pay. Even if you conserve energy inside and outside your home if you are paying high charges you cannot feel the reduced amount on your bills. To compare competitive energy plans available on your area, visit Econnex.

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