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Home Automation Pointers

Home Automation Pointers

Home Automation Pointers

Many technological advancements these days improve quality of life. A perfect example of this is the home automation. This helps in controlling all home functions at the touch of a button via a phone or a Tablet.

Home automation can be centralized or programmable. It is also known as Smart Homes. In fact, home automation improves home’s energy efficiency. Start doing these strategies below to experience the benefits of home automation.


Heating and cooling control

Heaters and air conditioners consume a lot of power. Heating and cooling automation allow consumers to remotely control these devices. It is a big help to reduce costly bills by ensuring they are used only when needed.

In considering heating and cooling automation,

  • The house should make use of solar energy. Natural ventilation for heating and cooling must be considered too.
  • Place thermostats and temperature sensor with timers. It lowers energy consumption through controlling heating/cooling equipment.
  • Analyze home heating and cooling needs. Heat or Cool areas only that are occupied. Make sure the temperature on bedrooms are right–not too warm/cold, for comfortable sleeping.
  • Plan how opening and closing blinds, windows and vents for natural lighting. Do some research on how fans and heat sifters reduce the need for cooling and heating.

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Lighting control

For more complex lighting control system, automate lights through motion sensors and timers. This way it can be operated as and when needed.

  • Instead of leaving lights on, use motion sensors to turn on and off indoor and outdoor lights. Motion sensors work when it detects movement in the area. Also, this is good for home security.
  • Motion and light sensors are used to control lighting when not in use. Set it to auto-off after 5 minutes of no motion is detected. Prioritize rooms such as toilets and kitchen.


Appliances Control

Appliances can be found on every corner of the house. One way to reduce your bills is to switch off appliances when not in use. Appliances control ensures devices are properly switched off, because it consumes power even on stand-by mode.

  • You can make use of control screens for different appliances only when needed. Ensuring appliances such as coffee maker and home theaters are switched off can surely save money.
  • Use stand-by power controllers to turn off equipment. It is used for appliances which are commonly on stand-by mode when not using (e.g. TVs, DVDs and stereos).


Automation equipment, sensors and controls

Home automation system manages the power supply to remotely control the equipment. This way all home appliances that use energy can be controlled automatically.
For example:

  • Hot water system
  • Appliances
  • Home entertainment, home office and other electronic equipment
  • Lighting
  • Heating and cooling/air conditioning systems
  • Fans and air pumps/heat sifters
  • Powered window blinds, shutters and awnings
  • Powered vents and window openings
  • Water pumps, pool pumps and spas
  • Garage doors
  • Security systems.


Energy monitoring

Home automation can use to monitor the total energy usage of the house. It is an important feature to improve energy efficiency at home.All information from smart meters can be accessed using a smartphone. Certain apps can display the amount of power used and any extra costs.

Also, the system can measure the amount of electricity that has been exported to the grid. Owners can use these details to limit power consumption and lower energy costs. Make the use of technology. Enjoy affordable electricity bills by improving energy efficiency using home automation.


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