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What’s in the Market: A Guide to Energy Providers

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What’s in the Market: A Guide to Energy Providers

What’s in the Market: A Guide to Energy Providers

You must be desperate in looking for the best electricity and gas plan. Many websites are offering all the best plans, and they can be very confusing. Let’s go back to basics and we’ll summarize some of the most important facts, you need to know regarding electricity retailers in your state.

At Econnex, we want to be sure that we’re securing a great deal on your gas and electricity bills. As such, we have a panel of energy retailers that we use to ensure you are paying the right rate. Whether you are looking for cheap household energy or an energy supplier for your business, with our list of suppliers, we are sure to be able to help you change to an energy supplier that will meet your needs.


Did you know that New South Wales completely deregulated in the year 2014? Australia’s pioneer energy retailers (AGL, Energy Australia and Origin) remain the biggest providers in this state. But there are a lot more retailers who offer competitive plans for your residential like:


Victoria achieved deregulation in the year of 2009 and it has the most competitive energy market in Australia. You will not wonder because of this long list of energy retailers which are available on this state:


Even though Queensland’s energy market is not as big as Victoria since South East QLD is the only part which deregulated last 2016 here are the list of energy retailers that may compete to your attention:


Based on the most reviews, Simply Energy top in South Australia but let me give you the complete list of retailers that can give you great discounts:


Australia’s federal district is not fully deregulated but ActewAGL, Origin Energy, and Energy Australia are the big 3 competitive energy retailers that you can choose.

Energy rates and prices can change frequently. So regardless of which provider you are with, be sure to review your rates and be updated what are the best energy deals for you.

To help you find a better deal, try Econnex today.

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