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Energy Sucker Appliances

Energy Sucker Appliances

Energy Sucker

We charge our drained phone, open the fridge and look for food to ease hunger, switch on the TV to watch our favorite TV series, we turn on WIFI modem and laptop to check social media updates. These are just a few of our daily routines when we reach home after work. All of us use different appliances regardless if it is day or night. As a result, a huge portion of our money is spent on energy bills because of high energy consumption.

Checking the appliances that consume more power is a good starter to help you save some money. Let’s see which appliances consume a lot of energy.


  1. Fridge Freezer

Some buy grocery items for the whole week or month, that’s why we prefer big fridges. But take it easy because the bigger it is, the higher your electricity cost. Think of the size of the fridge before buying. Do not open the fridge for a long time too if it’s not necessary. It will save you money on your energy bills.

  1. Television

Your day will not be complete without watching your family’s favorite TV shows. Unfortunately, television is on the list of appliances that consume more power. Make sure to not leave your TV on standby mode and if you’re planning to buy one choose LED TV rather than older versions because they are more energy efficient.


  1. Washing Machine

It’s very helpful equipment for consumers who spend most of their time at work. You just simply put all your dirty clothes and after an hour, work is done! Without any sweat. It makes your work easier but escalates your electricity bill. So, you better use your washing machine with a full load because the electricity consumption is just the same even if its under-load.


  1. Clothes Dryer

We badly need clothes dryer, especially during the rainy season but since it’s one of the appliances which consumes a lot of power you need to think of strategies on how to reduce your energy consumption. Plan your washing days ahead. If tomorrow’s news is it will be sunny, take advantage and wash those clothes. It’s one of the ways to save energy.


  1. Dishwasher

Like a washing machine, the dishwasher makes your work easier and faster, especially if you are one big family. But it consumes more power too. Arrange your utensils in your dishwasher correctly and aim for full load each time you use. It lessens the times you use it which has a big effect on your energy consumption.


  1. Air heating and cooling

Everyone wants to be comfortable in their homes because it’s our most favorite place. And temperature always matters to our comfort. But since your heating and cooling system is one of the energy suckers you need to do something to save energy. Changing filters and cleaning equipment regularly will save you some pennies.


So, don’t forget that it’s not just about the appliances you use but the tariff and the rate charged by your energy provider that affects your energy consumption charges too. If you use appliances which consume more power and your retailer’s rate is high do not be surprised when you see your bills. It’s better to regularly check the energy retailers that can give you low charges and rates.


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