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Energy Saving Tips: Television

Energy Saving Tips: Television

Your television is a big part of your life. They are an incredible invention that informs and entertains. TVs are usually the center of any home’s entertainment hub but can also be one of the biggest contributors to energy bills. So, it’s important to consider some easy Power saving tips


Battery Saver Mode

Most manufacturers claim their TVs are energy efficient but are not the default setting. You will have to adjust the brightness level of your TV to prevent from consuming excess energy. Some televisions may not have a battery saver mode but you can always take a hands-on approach by simply adjusting the brightness. Use also the ambient light sensor, this can detect the amount of light in the room and automatically adjust the brightness.


Standby Mode

Modern TVs automatically sets to standby mode after long periods of inactivity. If yours don’t, manually switch the device to standby mode when you can.


Turn down the Volume

Turn down or mute the volume entirely during commercial breaks. Using a 2% lower volume setting when you watch also saves energy.


Switch Off

Leaving the TV turned on in the background while performing other routine tasks, is a big mistake.  Switch it off when nobody is watching. The best way to conserve energy is to completely unplug your TV.


Size and Screen Type

A typical 32-inch LCD use half power of a 42-inch plasma screen. Plasma screens often consume more power than LCD and LED. The smaller the TV screen, the less it costs you to run. The type and age of television are also important.


TV not Radio

Listening or streaming radio frequency on an audiovisual device is cool but incurs excessive bills too. Using a radio set or a mobile app is cheaper to use. However, if you have to listen to the radio with your TV, consider using the screen blanking feature to save some power while listening to a radio.


Think Energy Efficiency 

Examine your current devices for Energy Rating System or Energy Star LabelIf you can’t find these, your device is most likely old and have to adhere to energy saving tips more strictly. When buying a new TV set, it is important to put this into consideration. Look for a model with more stars. That way you can be sure you are buying a TV with optimized energy-saving features that won’t cost a fortune in your electricity bills.

Follow these tips and you can sit back and relax in front of your TV without worrying about the energy you’re wasting.

For more tips on how to save energy at home, visit here

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