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Cheap Energy Discount

Cheap Energy Discount
How do you know which retailer is the cheapest energy provider?

Everyone wants to save money on Electricity and Gas. However, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an energy retailer that doesn’t express its deals in discounts, in so many variations.

Some suppliers will give you several types of discount. Some discounts include “pay on time”, a discount on usage charges, a discount on the daily supply charge, a discount if you pay via direct debit, or a discount if you bundle your gas and electricity with the same retailer.

But what would you rather? A 20% discount on a $100 bill, or a $60 bill with no discount? The choice is obvious. On some sites, it’s not that clear.

So why do retailers use discounts instead of raw numbers? They are not being dishonest on purpose. They are using a tried and true sales tactic called “price anchoring.”

Price anchoring and energy comparison

Let’s be straight: electricity is electricity. Electricity is going to be the same whether you go with retailer A or retailer B. What we’re all looking for is the cheapest possible price to pay each month or quarter.

Certain comparison sites express their retailer plans and contracts in terms of discounts, without disclosing the actual rates in dollars and cents. One of the many reasons they do this is to do with a psychological trick called “price anchoring.”

If you inform people that they can buy a product for $50, would it make more sense to express that as a price, or inform customers it “Was $100”? With the $100 price in your mind, you are likely to rationalize you are getting a bargain. The truth is that you are spending $50 regardless. You are not “getting” any extra value.

This tactic is used by some comparison websites, expressing higher discounts. A high discount does not necessarily mean a higher saving on your power bills. You must look at the numbers.

Know the real numbers – try Econnex

Unlike most energy comparison sites on the market, Econnex shows you the real savings in dollar terms and help you compare energy providers. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll save on your bill doing a measurable and transparent comparison instead of trying to do sums on the back of an envelope.

Better yet, Econnex is a 100% automated system. That means you won’t have annoying telemarketers pushing you on to an energy plan that may not be the cheapest choice. Using Econnex, you can sign up on the spot!

Got a spare two minutes? Try Econnex now and see how much you can save.

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