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Avoiding High Energy Bills

High Energy Bills

Opening mailed bills can be one of the most terrifying experiences you endure monthly. Especially when you find out that the amount is much higher than expected. It brings a nasty shock because the numbers won’t make sense at first glance. If you think the numbers add up anyways after looking at every detail, yet you still don’t like what you see, then something is wrong.

We have listed some of the most common reasons why your energy bill is high and how you can lower it in the future. See if one of these is the culprit for you.

Why Do I Have Higher Energy Bills?


  • Seasonal variations

Approximately 30% of the average energy bill is from heating and cooling. Temperature extremes throughout the year can have a tremendous impact on your bill, especially if you live in one of the cooler states.

  • House design

If your house is an old property, you may find your bills higher than usual as the structure is less efficient. The use of cooling and heating system and artificial lighting will definitely power up your bill. Make use of natural temperature and lighting to save more energy.

  • Lifestyle

Significant changes in your life such as having a baby, moving in with a partner, or even starting to work from home can all have an effect on your energy consumption.

  • Incorrect billing

Some meters are still read by field technicians, and there is a possibility that mistakes can be made. If you think there’s a discrepancy in your bill because of incorrect reading, observe your energy meter, check for energy consumption, and give your energy retailer a call.

  • Inflation

One of the countless causes of the price increase is inflation. The government generally aims a 2-3% increase per year in all goods and services, so your energy bills may increase as well.

  • Infrastructure

The electricity you are using for daily needs is generated by power plants which are located outside the cities. As they are a hundred miles away, there is a cost of transporting energy. Your bill is picked up by the distributors and passed to your electricity provider, who include it in your bill.

  • Government influence

The competition between energy providers keeps prices relatively low. But some government programs are blamed for the increase in energy prices. Such as reducing carbon emissions and encouraging investments in renewable energy sources.

How to avoid bill shock?
  • Make your home more energy efficient

There are many ways to improve energy efficiency at home. You can try installing better insulation, use natural light and cooling/heating system, or even switch to LED lighting.

  • Check your appliances

If your Smart TV is turned on even when no one is watching, and the AC running throughout the day, then these may result in higher energy consumption. Being aware of the appliances you use, and how much power they consume, is a good way to conserve energy. Turning your appliances and lightings off when not in use can make a significant difference to your bills.

  • Adapt new metering technology

If you want to know your exact energy consumption, consider installing an Automated Meter Reader (AMR) or Smart Meters. These devices monitor and record power consumption and ensure you only pay for what you use. In addition to this, it’s possible these days to get our exact and accurate bills through AMRs and Smart Meters.

  • Consider changing your contract

Consider a fixed-price contract as an option. You may find it easier to pay a fixed amount on every bill, and it can protect you from the energy price increase. Moreover, if you have a hard time paying higher amount every quarter, it can be a good idea to ask your provider and request a shorter billing period.

  • Compare providers and switch

If you’re still spending more than expected, this is the right time to check for options, compare energy deals, and think about switching energy provider. Energy retailers are extremely competitive and regularly provide a good deal. It’s better to be updated to great offers from other retailers.

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