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10 Easy Energy Saving Tips this Winter

10 Easy Energy Saving Tips this Winter

10 Easy Energy Saving Tips this Winter

Here comes the shorter and colder days! Great news for the winter season. Energy consumption is known to spike up during the winter months, thus, being comfortably warm may add to your energy bill.


Take a look at these simple saving tips to help cut down your bills, avoid bill shock and help you lead a more efficient lifestyle during the cold season.


  1. Turn down the heat.

Small things can make a huge difference. Turn down the heat on your thermostat by 1°C so you can save 10% on your annual heating bill.


  1. Increase the layers.

Instead of turning up the heat, wear warmer clothes, snuggle under the covers or use a heat pack to keep really warm.


  1. Boost your radiator.

Keep stuff away from radiators. Remove furniture or any obstructions to allow heat circulation. Consider using a radiator booster, a clever piece of kit that sits on top of your radiator that disperses trapped air and acts as a small fan that can raise the temperature of a room by almost 03°C.


  1. Customize your heating.

Customize your heating to an automatic setting. Set your heating to go on and off at a certain time of the day.


  1. Shut that door.

Bathrooms and laundries tend to be cooler, so keep them closed. This will keep the heat in as well as prevent cold air from circulating through unoccupied rooms.

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  1. Open and close your curtains.

Keep your curtains open for efficient house heating during the day. Windows facing the south let more light and heat in and closing them at night will prevent the heat from escaping as quickly.


  1. Use rugs and carpets.

Using rugs and carpets on your floors can help retain heat in your home and increase the effectiveness of your heating.


  1. Seal all leaks.

Heat can escape through cracks and gaps around windows or doors. Drought proofing is one of the easiest ways and could save up to 25 % of your heating (and cooling bills).


Save Water, Energy, and Money.

Hot water uses a lot of energy and accounts for a big part of your energy bill, so having shorter showers can add up to big savings over time. Staying in the shower uses up to 20 times as much energy as standing under two heat lamps instead.

Swap to a water efficient shower head to further save water and money – it can pay for itself in no time.


  1. Switch Your Supplier.

Shop around and find yourself a better deal. Compare offers on Econnex


Stay safe and warm.

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